Someone who is innocent, pure and simple like a child
Someone who had been able to maintain his innocence even once he is an adult.
Someone with innocent spirit who loves to have FUN!!!
note: being Childike is NOT being CHILDISH.
It's so good to be ChildLike.
Michael Jackson is Childlike and a kid at hsi heart.
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This is the term for an adult or adolescent who sees themselves as a child. People who feel this way are very misunderstood because when you attempt to explain this condition, people don’t take you seriously and think you are just being dramatic. People who feel this way tend to be on the Autism spectrum or have trauma, such as abuse.
Anthony: Our neighbor Calvin is a weirdo. Why is a grown ass man acting like a little kid and playing with little kids?
Tonya: I think he has a childlike self-concept. Even if we don’t feel this way, we should love and understand people who are like this
by I Like To Define Words August 7, 2021
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