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Este pene means this dick in spanish, usually used as an exclamation
If they ask me that question one more time I'll say ESTE PENE!
by L.Harris November 11, 2015
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A geniune unique "hoe" in her own way/ above average level hoeism
She's a hoe but she's not a hoe! She's a thoteresa!
by L.Harris July 28, 2016
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An a acronym for "once a thot always a thot" meaning a girl will always be a hoe (whore) once she begins hoe activity
"Man i though she changed"
"Nah man oatat"
by L.Harris March 3, 2016
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Babby momma, used when your attracted to a girl and you call her your babby momma
Damn she fine as hell, that's my BM
by L.Harris March 1, 2016
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Quote of rapper Lil Bibby in his remix of Faneto by Cheif keef, meant to be said towards females saying your better than their boyfriend
Female- "My boyfriend will beat you up"
Guy-"Yo boyfriend smell like ass and he broke"
by L.Harris July 28, 2016
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