Faneto means finesse. Faneto is a song that was released by Chicago rapper Chief Keef in 2014, in it, he raps "Know you can't get no money silly ho - I just hit a stain, faneto." Fans were initially confused as to what that the slang Faneto meant, but Chief Keef later revealed its definition
Faneto means finesse
by _KINGMOE_ February 1, 2019
(verb) A caper or illegal activity (robbery) taking advantage of a mark or easy target. To capitalize off of another person's mistake or naivety .(ex)
"The Plug was lacking, so I stained him, Faneto"
by Cool Kennedy February 23, 2016
One of the Best songs in all of human history
The godly hymn is made by the LEGEND chief keef
No other song can compete
Me:yo homie ya heard of Faneto
Homie:yea it was FUCKIN LEGENDARY
by heatcheque August 3, 2019
"I just hit a stain, Faneto!" Said AlmightySo
by GloGangFaneto February 4, 2015
He fanetoed the homework.
by Cappersak November 19, 2017