Small hands, are quite efficient in giving handjobs, or other pleasurable activities.
"Why'd you jizz so quick man?"
"I couldn't help it! those small hands get me everytime!
by mtown yoh. ;) June 27, 2009
A male physical attribute with implications of having a small cock.
"Yo Rich, what up wit yo small hands?"
by D-guy June 29, 2006
Something you look for in a woman...especially when your penis is small. During a handjob, blowjob, or gooch fondling, they give the man the impression of being hung like a brotha.
"Rich, being small on the bottom, was happy to see his blind date had small hands."
by D-guy July 1, 2006
Having tiny hands. Common among Cory's
"Wow Cory, you have small hands! So gentle, and soft. Looks so nice next to your five o'clock shadow""
by BOOOOOOOC March 16, 2010
Tiny hands implying another tiny body part

An example of one with tiny hands would be our newly elected president Donald Trump
Frank: Oh wow! Dude! That guy has small hands!

Tom: Yeah. You know that means he has another small body part.

Frank: His hands are almost as small as Donald Trump's!

Tom: No they are not! No one's hands are that small.
by dareadhead January 20, 2017
small hand tiny handjob
amy gives tiny handjobs with her small hands
by whoopsss February 20, 2014
Another way of describing the president of the United States - (2016-present)
I totally disagree with what Small Hands McCuntface said on the last press conference considering Hezbollah
by Cannabuissness July 25, 2017