A man with unusually small hands that make his manhood look large.
Professor Phil to Class: "As case in point, Matt from Pittsburgh has really small hands that make his peter look very large. This is also referred to as Small Hands, Large Peter. For those of you taking notes, put down your pen and listen. This will come in "handy" when you need to find your partner. Oh, handy, no pun intended"

Student after class: "That Professor Phil sure takes a personal concern with our learning. Now I realize how tiny my boyfriends peter is when he holds it in front of me. Matt's hands are like mine, like a girls."
by T_rump_supporter April 18, 2013
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On the 21st October, everyone is allowed to bully people with small hands.
"Hey you got very small Hands you dwarf."

"That's mean!"

"But it's National small hands day!"
by LandaSmallHandsMan October 21, 2021
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Another way of describing the president of the United States - (2016-present)
I totally disagree with what Small Hands McCuntface said on the last press conference considering Hezbollah
by Cannabuissness July 25, 2017
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