A term in Urban Slang for one's male friend.
Jimmy is my brotha.
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
What Dog the Bounty Hunter says after every sentence. (He means it in a religious sense)
(ridin' in Dog's van.....)
Dog: "Were goin' to take you to jail now you gotta promise to stay clean, brotha."
Stoner: "K man...."
Dog: "Amen, brotha."
by K8 B November 19, 2006
(a.k.a. brotha').

Ebonics, or urban black American slang for "brother".
Yo whassup, my brotha.
by AYB February 8, 2003
Brother, sibling, close friend, co-worker, union brother.
Happy Father’s Day “Brotha”
by Pipeliner June 18, 2018