This means to get somewhere with a person. To get means to do a spesific action. Which means your going to do it in a near future.
"Let's go to class"
"Ok let's get"

Bruh I'm bouts to eat
Let's get
by LORR January 10, 2017
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When you bout to have a lit experience or hear some hype news.
Brandon: I just got new kicks fam.

Charles: Let's get it.
by Knowledge Grape April 20, 2017
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1) A statement akin to showing excitement in anticipation of an upcoming event or action
2) An energetic call to action.

Variants: Let's fucking get it, we get it

Other derivations: esketit, let's fucking go, let's do this
1) John: Guys get in here, the Sixers are about to play the Cavs.
Sam: Let's get it!

2) I have two finals back to back tomorrow, let's fucking get it
by speg379 January 3, 2018
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Let's do this. Let's get it poppin. Let's get it crackin.
Porsche': "Man we bout to go have fun!"
Kari: "Let's get it!"
Shauniese: "Woot Woot!"
by Perqergan July 30, 2009
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When you're down to do something. You're bout to get turnt
Hype for something. Like "AYEEEE LET'S GET IT"
*BTS playing board game*

Jungkook: Korean alphabet game? Let's get it!
by DEATHTUBBIE January 30, 2018
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letting someone know that you mean business and you are pretty much up for anything at any time. also meaning that you are ready to do work on people. the act of getting something.
john is preparing to go into a heated situation. you then step in and and say "lets get it"

John: i saw a bunch of mad chill biddies down by the pier.

Matt: Yo! lets get it
by alpha beta goosy June 30, 2010
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A song by Marvin Gaye uttering sex or that somthing sexual is about to happend.
"Kyle played let's get it on when we came back for dinner."

"Did you guys hook up?"

by Bootycall master April 29, 2014
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