to ride a chair with your nutsack on a girls face while mastermating {see masterbating to barney and friends while your uncle watches and fiddles with your ear
Fred: I was bored so me and your sister had a fun time doing the nasty.
Fred: We did that to haha
by Dickridingcowboy April 4, 2009
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Words spoken by every character in The Lightning Thief Musical ever. (Campfire Song)
"I'd wait by the phone, but the phone never rings ohhh nooooo"
- Luke Castellan
"I'd bring home a boy, she's there in her nighty ohhh nooooo"
- Silena Beauregard
" But planting, and planting, and planting's a pain oh nooooo"
- Katie Gardner
by sass_queen™ October 9, 2020
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When someone isn't mad about something but is being overly dramatic with their words
D- "damn, I sat in bubble gum again" *whips out ballsack* J- "nooooo wayyy!"
by DP1999 September 19, 2017
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Oh shit It's a god damn mthr fcking meme
Ugly af girl: i love u
Me: Oh hell noOOoo
by Pizzasamere October 19, 2019
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When ur dad takes ur phone but you dont want him too.
NOOOOO: Paulo give me ur phone NOOOOO
by Nicodaman December 14, 2022
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