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A Bitchboy who will sometimes be the top in gay anal, but is usually the bottom for gay anal.
Person 1: Did you hear that Kevin is a Switch Boy?

Person 2: Yeah, I've fucked him and John said he was fucked by Kevin.
by Herr Magie July 29, 2022
A tall man (usually trans) that is skinny but also strong. A Nathan finds interest in classic rock music from people such as Queen but also had interests in more chaotic and modern music from people such as Lemon Demon. Nathan is an artist and writer who puts time into his work and shares it with his friends. A Nathan likes to joke around with his friends and cheer them up, but he can also be supportive when you're upset. Nathan tries his best to keep people happy and make them laugh but can recognize when he's made a mistake and feels bad for it, usually trying to cheer up or make up with the person he has upset. A Nathan is typically gay and the guy who ends up with him would be lucky for a Nathan can be flirty and sexy when he wants to be. Nathan can usually crack a joke and keep the group laughing. He enjoys spending time with his friends and is willing to stand up for them or himself if a situation warrants it. A Nathan is typically smart, being one of the people in the top of his class and also being in honors classes for most classes that have them. A Nathan enjoys learning new topics and competing in tests and competitions that involve either physical or mental skill.

Just be warned, if you call a Nathan by Nathaniel in a non-professional situation or if you aren't close to him, you'll be dead by the end of the week one way or antoher.
"Wow Nathan could end up on the debate team!"

"Maybe he'll get into an art school! Or a college on a scholarship!"
by Herr Magie June 25, 2022
my boobs are big
by Herr Magie April 21, 2021
A windy place that is snowy and rainy year-round because the gods decided to give them shit weather
Bro why is it so fucking cold in Montana
by Herr Magie May 5, 2021
A child that grew up playing with a amazon kindle instead of the much superior apple ipad.
Coworker 1: "Did you hear that coworker 3 was a kindle kid?"
Coworker 2: "Coworker 3 must've been in special learning classes as a kid,"
by Herr Magie June 3, 2022
Aroace is a term short for Aromantic Asexual, meaning one does not desire for a sexual or romantic relationship and does not feel sexual or romantic attraction towards others
by Herr Magie August 15, 2021