The poop you have after you drink a bunch of coffee.
I sure enjoy it when I have to take a sludge.
by miss milk December 11, 2010
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Like it's counterpart doom, sludge is another genre of "music" inspired by Black Sabbath. Unlike doom however, which emphasizes slower tempos and dynamic heavy riffs. Sludge emphasizes even slower tempos, repetition and progression.
The Melvins, Godflesh, Boris, Buzzov-en, Isis, Sunn 0))), and Khanate are all excellent sludge bands.
by K` February 11, 2006
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1. Solid waste that is trucked out of sewage treatment plants and delivered to farms as fertilizer.

2. diarrhea.
Who left a load of sludge in the crapper and forgot to flush?
by England phi beta gamma January 27, 2008
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A thick, soupy substance, usually foul in appearance and/or smell.
A filthy brown sludge ran down the walls of the public bathroom.
by BlastMaster May 20, 2003
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A low-life toxic personality who spreads their poison and contaminates the innocent. Sludge is human primordial ooze. Teenage girls often gravitate towards sludge. The sludge soon slimes all over them and the next thing they know the girl's hooked on crack. The trick out stage is next, where Mr. Sludge puts her on the street. She becomes a crack ho and he profits from the dual trade. Advice for dealing with sludge: run in the opposite direction or shoot on sight.
Antwan was a perfect example of sludge when he tricked Sally out.
by MsLi April 1, 2006
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a large group of sluts/skanks
"Pamela Anderson and all her playmate friends are just a buncha sludge."
by FoSkittleMySkitzo November 16, 2005
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The act of sexual activity where the male gives one brutal pelvic thrust that can run the risk of injuring the female/male's insides.
Wow, Robby really gave Becki the sludge last night, because she is walking very weird.
by Bleve August 16, 2006
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