When you get caught doing something your not supposed to be doing. Can be by the boys, your mom, your dad etc.
Example: "The boys ran down on me smoking in the staircase"
by Anonymous3.5 February 26, 2016
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Another way for saying “that made me horny” or “I’m wet now”
“A tear just ran down my leg”


“Oh.. Taylor’s vigilante shit performance was just.. HOT”
by Lyhfml June 30, 2023
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A not very romantic way to describe oral sex between a man and a woman.
My girlfriend said she wasn’t in the mood to have sex so I ran it down her throat and went to sleep.
by The Hero7 September 14, 2018
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An adjective that describes a noun being old, used, and or in very poor condition.
"Bro, I'd go to a different one. That McDonald's has nothing but bad reviews, and plus it looks ran-down."

"Heard she booked an Airbnb somewhere with so-and-so and got her whole shit ran-down."
by CicadaHarbinger June 2, 2023
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