‘Dad, who left to go to the shop for milk and never came back’
by Factz119 August 4, 2019
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A random/funny way to comment on cold weather.
Its a quote from Tropic Thunder
"Wow it's really cold out here."
-"I know. Who left the fridge open?"
by whatdoesurchildDonow December 26, 2011
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A poo poo who will never come back for the milk after i was born he left me and my 69 brothers they do 420 poos each day
Dad Who Left You is fun to play with "Fun to play with"
by dfjawevvwjrs December 2, 2021
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Some person: Hey! Who left thi
Me: Your mom
by UwUltimateDoge June 4, 2022
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