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Bovine delivery is a euphemism for have a cow. Everyone knows that in this day and age of the spin that every negative thing must be given a positive spin. Thanks to The Shrub and his merry band of spin doctors for making it obligatory to create a euphemism for have a cow.
When James Frey learned of the investigative expose done by The Smoking Gun he experienced bovine delivery.
by MsLi January 29, 2006
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1. Click out means to disengage your thinking mind and become an enraged beast. Like Marcellus in Pulp Fiction threatened, to click out means to, "go medieval on yo' ass".

2. Click out is almost like a violent blackout, where you start hurting, maiming, and/or killing and often don't remember what you did afterwards.
1. If you were to research the cause of a lot of serious violence, you would discover that the person doing the damage got so pissed off that they clicked out.

2a. I'm about to click out. I can't be held responsible for my actions.

2b. Second degree murder is the type of thing that happens when a person clicks out.
by MsLi January 24, 2006
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Abbreviation for Little Caesar's pizza or restaurant.
example 1. I'm hungry. Let's go get Lil C!

example 2. Our local Lil C now has a drive thru for Hot N Ready Pizza. Awesome!
by MsLi January 06, 2006
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Low-life is a person who has not evolved past the level of primordial ooze in the scheme of things. A low-life is an opportunist and has no guilt over doing rotten or heinous things. If they hurt the innocent or the naive of course a low-life will blame their victim for not being as low-life as they are.
Antwan is a low-life for taking advantage of lonely little teenaged girls.
by MsLi April 01, 2006
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From the hilarious tv cartoon Ren & Stimpy, happy happy joy joy is defined as when the world expects you to put on this happy and joyful face when what you really want to do is shriek at the top of your lungs and rip your hair out in anger/frustration/misery. To make everyone happy though, you put on this mask of happy happy joy joy while singing a silly song.
Just as you were ready to leave work for the day, the boss tells you he wants you to work both Saturday and Sunday on the new project. You're on salary and so will get no more $$ for sacrificing your weekend. However, the boss is considering you for that vacant position where you'd have your own office with a window, so you happy happy joy joy and say, "Sure thing, boss!" with a big toothy grin on your face.
by MsLi December 25, 2005
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A frequent utterance of Bart Simpson, "Don't have a cow" dismisses the other person's feelings as overreactive to the situation. The person who expresses anger, shock, disgust, or any of several other negative feelings towards an action or person is seen as having a cow. The person who induces bovine delivery, either through doing it or telling of the activity, often tries to minimize the activity as something not so bad. Saying don't have a cow minimizes both the activity itself *and* the person's feelings who is having the cow.
Jimmy Joe had a cow when he learned that his best friend, John Jay, had bought a term paper online and passed it off as his own writing.

Billy Ray laughed at Jimmy Joe's shock that he could do such a thing. He sneered, "Don't have a cow, man! Professors never read those papers anyway."
by MsLi January 29, 2006
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Often seen on PBS and at film festivals, a heartumentary is a documentary with heart. More than a documentary, which chronicles data on a particular person, place, and/or thing, a heartumentary not only informs the audience but gets them actually caring about the person, place, and/or thing.
This weekend, at the local film festival, I saw an excellent heartumentary, "Plagues and Pleasures: The Salton Sea". Watching it made me care about the place and the people and animals who live there. Since The Salton Sea is in danger of extinction, it also makes me want to let others know about it.
by MsLi February 05, 2006
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