/sláhp-iŋ/ v. the condition when a woman's breasts rest halfway down her torso, as opposed to higher up on her chest.
Whoo, that Samantha Power sure was slopping today at the UN! She either needs to get a new bra, or get some work done.
by Hal Jackson September 24, 2013
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i slopped so hard that i couldn't breathe. i just kept slopping and slopping
by sketchxartistxcomposite January 13, 2006
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slop slop is sucking dick or giving that good head.
rain drop, drop top, suck your mans dick give him slop slop
by thottiesupreme June 14, 2018
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Precoital occurance when a woman is sexually aroused. Her bearded clam/vagina seeps sexual lubricant, producing lady pre-cum. Often confused with snail tracks. A female version of a hard-on.
Lady 'The thought of that dump truck incident gave me a slop-on'

Charlotte said 'the thought of being touched again after so long, gave me a slop-on'
by Alison Sharkey and Lee Clark November 3, 2008
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Oral sex of the highest caliber; known to make one's knees shake.
"Man, I need some fucking slop"

"Cassie sucked my dick last week.

Did she have that slop?

Yeah, it was some slop."
by marleyrt September 2, 2015
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To perform oral sex (on a male) in a sloppy manner
by kevinismydaddy October 1, 2018
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Slop is whatever is leftover or unwanted.
That guy Shawn has got some serious slop in his life.
by CLICKHERE4ANTHRAX February 17, 2010
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