Kick the UN out of the U.S. at once and demolish that fucking building after they're gone!
by the UN can suck my balls September 21, 2004
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Racist terrorist supporting organization that wants to disarm Americans while supporting terrorists.
The racist,Israel-hating UN sure has alot of chutzpah!
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John Kerry's god.........
John 'Herman Munster' Kerry worships the anti-U.S.,anti-Israel UN
by Kerry is a backwards asshole September 30, 2004
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Pokemon Player: "After translating all those brail, I finally found Regirock!"
Regirock: "UN UN UN"
by MiitopiaFanSomethinSomethin April 20, 2021
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a being a massive prick who doesn't care about human rights.

b a sexual act involving to guys and a hammer.

c a really bad hair cut.
People say Hitler liked uning other men.
by The Gooking crook October 09, 2014
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Short for Union City, California. About 15 miles south of Oakland, California. The northernmost city in the "Tri-City" Oakland suburb. Pronounced "yoon".
I heard you stay in Newark.
Naw I stay in west Une.
I heard it's hella crazy out there.
by pcbarrr November 05, 2010
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