N. - Slank.

A slut and a skank put together. This is for a women who is very slutty and skanky.
Guy 1 " Damn man check out that fine girl!"

Guy 2 " Nah man I heard rumors around town that's she's a slank."

Guy 1 " I won't bother then."
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1. the integration of the words both slut and skank; through this combination the word slank has been formed.
2.what a person is called in correspondence to behaving or giving a slutty or skanky vibe.

A word formed in 2010 by a person who jumbled their words.
- "Omg! that chic is such a slank"
- "Yeah i totally know, shes a massive straddling slank"
- "I know!"
by Sue Silvester February 25, 2010
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Slut + Skank = Slank
"Did you see margie today"

"Yeah, she looks like a total slank."

"Because she is one."
by Audree1010 October 29, 2011
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I couldn't finish with this hot girl so I ended up slanking instead.
by Ajax9994 March 22, 2015
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Someone who makes rules as they go along also sore loser.
Jimmy is a slank, he couldn't stand losing.
by Callaway9i December 19, 2013
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Stating the fact your about to have a wank before going to sleep
Alright everybody im off for a slank

A what now?

Gona have me a wank before i go to sleep
by GMACKDADDY69 June 8, 2011
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1.The term 'slank' can be used when greeting gal-pals or 2. In a negative way such as, shouting to an ex or 3.describing an unfortunate experience
1."Hey chica, what's bouncin slank?"

2."Girl keep yo distance dat boys slank!"

3. "Damn son, i worked all weekend it was slank man, slank."
by CDiddy January 23, 2004
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