The act of checking a man's masculinity by crying out "MAN CHECK!" then immediately kicking the questioned man's ball sack. If asked why such an act was done, one responds "I found his lack of faith disturbing."
Tim: "Lisa really hasn't called me lately. I hope our relationship isn't in jeopardy"

Tom A: "MAN CHECK!!"


Tim: "What the hell man?!!"

Tom A: "I found your lack of faith disturbing. Grow a pair."
by Tom Asher May 31, 2008
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1. To strike a man in the testicles with great force for the purpose of gender verification.

2. Getting kicked in the nuts.
"When Tim tried to do a trick on his bike, he crashed and got man-checked."

"If you keep whining, I'm gonna man-check you!"
by Delfic May 9, 2007
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big smoke: CAP YOUR ASS
big smoke: AND YOUR ASS
big smoke: YOU WANT SOME, TOO?
big smoke: ICE COLD BABY
CJ: oh man, check out "special agent big smoke"
by godEn0moto January 3, 2020
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