When a girl is a total Hoe

Man that girl is a slank
by Big Papa Pump September 1, 2004
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V. To deal or sell, most commonly, but not limited to drugs
(Most likely a derivative of the verb "slink")
"you still slankin' that shit?"
by "Smoke Blunts" October 17, 2006
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It usually describes the process of having a wank/ masturbating in order to get to sleep.
I cannot get to sleep by counting sheep, so I usually have a slank.
by moss12 February 22, 2014
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slut+skank= slank
meaning a stupid crackwhore
Rizza is such a slank
by Ginger Snaps June 9, 2005
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a selective skank. in other words, a slut but only whores herself out to certain, exclusive guys but does it majorly and excessively. also works for males.
man that girl is a real slank. she only whores herself out to those football players
by millsyman June 1, 2011
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