A horrible, fatal sexually transmitted diesease that is believed to have orginated in saginaw michigan. it kills within 24 hours of contraction.
Anyone who is a collegiate female athlete in the 989 area code most likely has the slank.
by archcard April 28, 2010
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a word to describe something thats fucked up as shit, but super entertaining
"snortin' pepper is slank!"
by SlimDicky March 16, 2018
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To travel or work at a very slow pace.
We were all way ahead of Evan Mumford because he was just slankin' along.
by Nick MacLeod August 25, 2006
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A mixture of a slut and a skank. The best (or worst) of both worlds.
Dude, that Jessvicious is a fucking slank if I've ever saw one.
by BoVice79 December 12, 2009
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Wow, we just got SLANKed by the Mattituck girls track team, they are really awsome.

by MattituckTrack April 7, 2011
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To be dissed, deceived or bullshitted by use of cunning or trickery
you've just been slanked!, or Kyle slanked Bill
by Brett & Kly January 18, 2004
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To drink Alcohol and have fun on the streets. Usually around or near a shop that sells Alcohol.
"Are we going Slanking tonight"
"Let's go for a Slank"
"Everyone is outside Slanking"
by Slanker_Dom January 14, 2014
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