when someone’s vexes you to the point where you want to shank and slap them at the same time
girl 1: ughhh amelia is pissing me off chatting all that shit
girl 2: init! jus go slank her and she’ll deffo shut up🤣
by suckingonmycock6935744 July 18, 2019
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Michael's jeans were tight today I could see he got that slank dong schlong
by javia2 April 2, 2015
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A person that's a slut and a skank
Mannn, that bitch a mf slank
by SheAFuckingLyinHoe December 3, 2017
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A petite female with modelesque features. Usually carrying A-cup size breasts and small ass. A female physique only a man of culture would appreciate.
Bro1: you seen that Columbian chick with the big titties and fat booty last night?
Bro2: nah, I usually like sslanky girls with with small titties.
by Slank Lord April 11, 2022
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Slank is a general term similar to dank in that it can be used to describe something of quality or to refer to drugs, but with a more slimey, unsavoury connotation.
Give me some of dat slank bruh

That shit was slanky as hell
by Slankyboye September 9, 2017
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