verb - The act of giving a cigarette (or something else) without the expectation of getting anything back. Acronym is Some Love And Nice Karma
by Ninja in the Disco July 10, 2010
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A petite female with modelesque features. Usually carrying A-cup breasts and small ass. A physique only man of culture could appreciate.
Bro1: you seen that Columbian chick with the big titties and the fat booty last night?

Bro2: yeah, but im more into a slanky girl with small titties.
by Slank Lord April 11, 2022
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A word for cunilingus- oral simulation of vagina and clitoris.

Comes from the story of a wise minister who was shagging king’s wife. King had hidden a blade inside the vagina - and poor minister cut and split his tongue- making him say “Slank you “ instead of Thank you
Girl- babe slank me

Boy- sure thing- split your legs and here I come
by Botto- Roki December 7, 2020
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A hybrid of a skank and a slut
Eg: that girl is such a slank! Look at her mass double d breasts and her skirt with her vajayjay hanging out! YUM!
by younanymous2 September 22, 2009
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To chill and relax after a long hard day
Jut got off work man, i'm slanking at my house
by ptown prince January 11, 2011
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Another name for Gentleman. One who is proper, and does not condone breaking rules
That slank sure does know how to treat guests well. He even let me park my car in his garage
by Captain Save a Ho February 2, 2011
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A girl that is both a slut and a skank
I went out last night and brought home a slank.
by Christian AKA Mr. Furly June 2, 2009
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