A female that is a slut skank and a slut whore. usually with a bad odor that loves the cucumber. These ones are the easiest just ask and you shall recieve.
Suzy, Kim, & Z all slank slores!
by EDDNESSSSS September 27, 2010
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Simply, really saggy boobs. The kind that just drop to a bitches knees. Also can have pepperoni sized nipples.
Damn that bitch got them slank meat titties. The kinda that just sag to da floor
by y0shi June 10, 2008
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Cutting an object in long strips with a jagged cut....
i am long slanking the onions
by madsmom714 March 20, 2010
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To do whatever you want and not do some other stupid stuff instead.

Marcel: "Hey bobby, you doing your homework?"

Bobby: "No, F that! I am going to slank off!"
by Chip&Pepper November 10, 2008
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Combining Slag and Skank to create the word Slank.
Ms. Griffin showed what a slank she was when she imitated an atrocious and nasty act committed by actual savages.
by Desert Moses June 2, 2017
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a teenager that acts or looks ghetto
She dressed like a slank today.
by amourMINNIE June 10, 2016
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