An abbreviated version of broski; a friend preferably but not in all cases of male gender.
by tyyguy March 07, 2011
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when a fuckboy thinks he has you but he doesn't know your done with his ass
Girl, did you ski that boy yet?
by jandsmarie January 05, 2017
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This is to be occasionally placed at the end of a word (usually while intoxicated) possibly indicating a sense of excitement about the said word.
It can also be added to the end of a person's name, indicating their level of coolness. The addition of more than one "-ski" indicates that the person is more cool than that of a person with only one "-ski". However, adding too many "-ski's" to the end of a word indicates a level of retardation on behalf of the speaker. "-ski's" are best used in moderation.
"Hey what up broski!?" "Yeah hey man, we're going to B-Dubsski's. You wanna come?"

Or used in a name: "Seanskiski", or "Ryanski" - Sean being more cool than Ryan, since he has two "-ski's", rather than Ryan's one "-ski".
by Easymode 4 Life March 04, 2010
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When a girl gives to guys a handjob at once with both of her hands.
"She skiid us both last night"
by Me April 17, 2004
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1. a sport played on snow, sliding down a snowy hill on two long flat sticks.
2. to fuck
Ryan: I'm going to totally ski your mom tonight bro.

Ryan: The fuck position is the way you stand when you ski, and the motion you use to place your dick inside a vagina.
by G.Rack December 09, 2010
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An absolutely retarded suffix which can be added to just about any word in the English language. Most commonly used by loners who are trying to get attention and just plain faggots that no one likes.
Joe: Hey Mac, do you want to go get some drink-skis?
Mac: Hey Joe, why don't you shut your God Dam mouth?
by Neil Beaton April 06, 2008
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When a dude ejaculates after recieving oral sex (blow job)
by Janele August 30, 2003
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