A term you would use to identify the well hung Polish man you met in the john. Because you were so drunk you cant remember which was longer; his johnson, or the first part of his last name.
Hey MazSki hella game at darts bro.
by Funkywhitemonkey33 September 30, 2018
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To give two guys handjobs while sitting in between them. It is very popular with girls in the south due to the low cost and the fact that no snow is needed.
Amber showed my friends Doug and Robbie that she really knows how to ski. She is an Expert on the Slopes.
by slyfox02 March 01, 2009
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When a situation is not likely to happen. There is no chance or possibility
Im bout to fuck that beautiful gir
"Man that shit is SKI"
by Bullcity rep November 16, 2016
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