A slang term for Polish people. Usually meant as an insult. Often heard in western Pennsylvania. Pollocks often have an uncontrollable love of Polka music.
Donnie - "I had Kraut and Kielbasa for dinner last night"

Jim - "you're such a pollock"
by Donnie Iris June 1, 2006
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/ˈpɒlək/ pol-uhk

(verb). To divert or derail a reasonably functional internet message board by interjecting the unanswerable, indeterminate question 'what is (good?) art' into an otherwise perfectly good discussion cycle. After Jackson Pollock, a famous artist who has spawned more discussions about 'what is art?' than anyone ever in history.
(Esteemed senior member of internet forum): "...after the last tornado it was spread across three states."

(Squidly newby): "Yes, but was it art?"

(All other members): "Aw, man - you just pollocked that thread!"
by JustcallmeEd June 12, 2014
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To bust a load all over something/someone mimicking the art style of Jackson Pollock.
Dick: Say Dude. D'you tell your girlfriend sorry for me?
Dude: Sorry for what?
Dick: Sorry for having to wake up with her eyes sealed shut after I pollocked all over her face.
by Snell August 8, 2006
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A type of fish commonly extracted off the coast of Alaska
by KKK619 March 21, 2008
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a white trash person from pollock pines, ca
That guy is hecka pollock; he is wearing jean shorts and a wife beater while swimming!
by emily June 19, 2006
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The act of staining one's toilet bowl during violent bouts of diarrhoea, resembling a Jackson Pollock masterpiece.
"Dude, i just pollocked your toilet bowl"

"Did you hear that Cindy is making Jackson Pollock counterfeits?"

"I think this curry is going to give me the inspiration i need to be pollocking all night"
by Alio February 9, 2010
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The act of pulling out right before ejaculation and whipping your penis around in a spastic manner all over your partner
Dude, I was pollocking all over that girl last night, she was so surprised.
by Mr.Talks-A-Big-Game August 27, 2011
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