The ability to exercise self-control while enforcing one's will power to resist certain situations a person puts themselves in too often.
Sifl demonstrates the use of moderation by passing on a puff puff give give every other time.
by die-nough-soar July 2, 2003
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The art of drinking just enough to relax without losing the skill and complexity of fucking canadian trollops with abandon.
(Oh,sorry, thought this was a canadian dictionary!)
You need to show some moderation there, eh, you don't want to get pissed or that young canuck will bolt all the way back to cowtown.
by Chesterfield Romper January 4, 2008
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The virtue that permits all vices.
Anything in moderation.
by SSemans July 29, 2011
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Used in message boards when a offensive message has been taken down by the message board's administration. Often used as "Mod" or "Moded" for slang. (Mod can also be used as a noun for a Moderator)
I have 10 moderations on that account.
by Iguana September 13, 2003
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The trait of lessening love at first sight in severity and intensity, so as not to disrupt the day to day life of another. Also, see sexy.
Pantyless cowgirls will not flee if taken in moderation!
by Ms K January 4, 2008
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An internet virus.

A very little man, probably the spawn of J. Edgar Hoover with Cromwellian tendencies of stamping out opposing views on internet forums and chat rooms and rewarding sycophants. He's long given up the stakeout, the binoculars and the wire taps in favor of online activities behind the scenes. The more banal the website topic or thread, the crueler his tactics and iron fist becomes. His past is riddled with rejection, inability to hold a job or maintain friendships. And this arena, or "forum" is precisely the drug he needs to fulfill his illusions of grandeur and the taste of power over others.

Avoid him at all costs and find "real" humans to talk to, not avatars on a computer screen.
Guy#1: "I got booted out of that history forum today!"

Guy#2: "Really, why?"

Guy#1: "That moderator got po'd when I corrected him and told him Dumas was French mulatto and not 100% white. He said he'd banish me to internet Siberia if I attempted to challenge him again."

Guy#2: "Wow, that's just plain wrong!"
by Alleycat1969 July 10, 2012
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1) a sane person;
2) someone with a political belief that sits between the two extremes of liberal and conservative, usually combining aspects of both (example: liberal on social issues yet conservative on economic issues);
3) someone who seeks compromise on political issues and as such gets insulted by the two extremes who just don't get the idea that this form of government survives by compromise;
4) someone whose political beliefs seem quiet and mild, and as such always ignored by the media, which seeks out people from the screechy Left and shrill Right because they make for better sound bites.
Moderates rule. Turn off FOX News and CNN and turn on Cartoon Network!
by Paul Wartenberg December 2, 2003
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