Johnny the highschool dropout went back to his old school to sell QP's.
by roper March 27, 2003
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Shorthand for a quarter-pound of marijuana.
A bulk purchase quantity for a heavy smoker or
a smoker/supplier of close friends; but not a dope dealer.

(SEE: discussion of lb)
"My last QP lasted me two months."
"My last QP lasted us two weeks."
by Chingo Bolamongo October 12, 2006
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QP refers to a player who is a true master of his/her game.

It is the most prestigious qualification a player can be awarded.

A QP can be hard to detect. One common sign is heavy use of the phrase 'ya know'.
by The Original QP December 30, 2013
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1. Quarter Pound of weed.
2. Quarter Pounder burger from McDonald's.
1. "Can I get a Q?"
"A Q? Fuck that, the minimum I do is QP's."
2. "Man, I just smoked a QP (joke), let's go get some QP's from McDonald's."
by Diego July 26, 2003
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Quadruple Penetration.

The state of having four (4) phallic objects in a given bodily orifice.
The King Size Twix Bar is like QP for your face hole!
by Queue Penn November 15, 2007
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I was in Cleveland yesterday and saw QP perform live.
by element9 October 25, 2008
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