Abbreviated version of the word sh*t, as used by that "Angus Spokesperson" on one of Burger King's commercials.
Example 1.
Angus Spokesperson: I'm full of sit, you're full of sit, we're all full of sit!

Example 2.
Small child: You're a filthy piece of sit mommy! You only married daddy because he has a big...

Mother: I'd yell at you if it wasn' t for the fact that's true!
by TheShark06 September 25, 2006
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the Fonz's version of "piss off" or "screw you" and countless other negatory response variations.
(really kinda racey for it's time)

i never really thought about what it literally meant when i was like 5 yrs old. but seeing the reruns now i'm like OMG WTF?!?!? does he really want everyone to sit on his... um, motorcycle? heheh.
Ralph asks if he can borrow Fonzie's leather coat to impress a chick. Fonzie then replies in jest
"Sit on it!"
<live studio audience laughs>
by e-fu December 19, 2003
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Ones place during a heated conversation, disagreement, or general communication. An individual doesn't necessarily having to be sitting down. Describes an individuals state at the time of communication
You ain't going to sit there and tell me you didn't lie on me.
Jessica gon' sit there and tell me she didn't steal that money from me.
Dude just gonna sit there an do nothing after he was hit.

I called the store regarding the wrong merchandise and the customer service representative I spoke to sat there and told me something dumb.
by uptwnxs April 18, 2017
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the occupying of an area by a large group of protesters, effectively blocking an area off to a particular person or people until removal by force or the achievement of the goal (popularized in The U.S. by the Civil Rights Movement)
The sit-in made more sense than burning flags.
by The Return of Light Joker November 16, 2010
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A slang term referring to ones pants. when used, this term ofen makes the situation awkward because no one knows what the hell you're talking about. This term was started by a white boy in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
Hey Nina, I like the new sits

Dude! Some guy shit his sits in history! It was hilarious
by The West Chester White Boy January 25, 2012
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"Bro, where are you sitting these days?"

"I'm sitting in Miami, dude."
by MudeTheDude February 16, 2017
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philosophers are always seen in a big leather chair, scratching their chins and SITTING.

"-i think i'm going to take a run and clear my mind.
-yeahh i'm actually going to sit and ponder world issues...dumbass"
by mimigethyphy December 31, 2007
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