acronym. stands for shit in the shower.
one who is such a low life scum piece of shit, that feels it necessary shit in the shower for a whopping total of 5 crisp american washingtons. amen
a dumbfuck who likes to shit in the shower AKA riley thompson
"one who sits"
by sir moses mcguff January 30, 2009
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A slut in training.
Acronym for "Slut In Training"
Can be used in plural form- SITs
"Hey, I was just at Chili's. Is it homecoming or something? Because there were a ton of S.I.T.'s all hanging around with their bro-ish dates"

"Yeah, my S.I.T. of a sister was there too. It's def homecoming season"
by deaneyoza October 18, 2009
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A phenomenon associated with smoking marijuana where an individual experiences an overwhelming urge to remain seated.
Dude, let's stay here, I've got major sits right now
by CrazyMoeFo October 10, 2010
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Secret Internet Troll. One who takes pictures of themselves in dimly lit rooms and posts to facebook to make them look more attractive.
Dang, I saw this chick on facebook, she looked good, but when we bumped into each other at Dave's party, she was a total SIT.
by victormacho July 17, 2011
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Self Indulgent Teenage Shit. Can be used for people between the ages of 12 and early 20s when they are indulging in self-pity, overcomplicating their lives, constantly making statements that people don't realise how special they are, or otherwise speaking or behaving in an selfish, egocentric way. It is a synonym of "Drama Queen", and is commonly associated with Goths, Emos, Punks, Princesses, Fatties, and people with mental health issues such as depression and eating disorders.
Teenager: "I'm feeling really emotional today. Everything keeps going wrong. I feel like everybody in the world is out to get me, and I can't do anything about it." This person has SITS and should be told to get a life and harden up.

Moping around and refuses to acknowledge anybody, or is rude for no reason = two more examples of SITS.

Teenager complaining about parents piss them off and limit their independence, while said teenager refusing to accept any responsibility for their actions and expects their parents to still give them everything they "need" (want) = classic example of SITS.
by AshleyWinston January 28, 2010
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