The best of the best. One who upon the most unique and unfortunate of surcumstance will save you. Yes SAVE you. If you encounter one, hold onto one as if it were the most precious of gems. An angelic human, one of which is a rare encounter.
A Rani situation will teach you more about life than any other weather you can ask for.
by Bailey1023 December 14, 2018
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A beautiful Hebrew name meaning “my song” often short for leeran meaning “my song of friendship” a Rani is a beautiful and loving person who tends to get pneumonia a lot during the winters. Rani’s are usually tall and like to write sad poetry in a tortured artist type way. Everyone falls for a Rani but Rani doesn’t fall for everyone. Usually introverted and socially awkward, many people find Rani’s funny and cute.
Random girl: “damn that girl is so pretty but why is she here?”
Random doctor: “that beautiful girl gets pneumonia every year”
Random girl: “wow that gorgeous queen must be a Rani”
by Thatsmyname August 15, 2021
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Saudi Arabian for King

A smart, charming, charismatic, kind, generous, supportive and loving friend. A Rani is happiest when making other people laugh with his expert impressions and spontaneous dialogues. He has a keen ability to connect with others and sense their moods. A Rani is always there with open arms when you need a hug or a shoulder to cry on. As one of the most giving and caring people on the planet, he will support his friends any way that he can. He cares deeply for all those who have touched his life and genuinely wants the best for them.

Ranis are innovative mixologists, specializing in delicious drink and sauce concoctions. They have a wild passion for music, especially percussion and beatboxing. A Rani loves to get funky and dance and has fantastic moves. Anyone who has a Rani in their life is truly blessed.
Jimena: Will you be at the House of Rock tonight? I heard there's a Rani playing.

Katie: I wouldn't miss it for the world! Let's get funky tonight!!
by SunGoddessLove November 6, 2012
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1. A name for girls, usually Indians. It means "Queen" in Hindi.

2. A playful name for a girl people find attractive.

3. A loud, bubbly and generally clumsy girl that everybody likes. Usually very childish, but can be very mature if she needs.

4. A name people call a girl when everybody know's who she likes but she doesn't realise it herself.

5. A girl who's too smart for her own good.

6. A popular bitch.
Rani Mukherjee is a Hindi actress's name.

Guy 1: Wow, that girl is so hot. I wonder what her name is?
Guy 2: I know, right? Everyone calls her a Rani.

Girl 1: Ha ha, your sister is so cute. I love her dimples!
Girl 2: Yes, but watch out. She never shuts up!
Girl 1: Yes, I heard that the teacher's had a talk with your mum about that.
Girl 2: Yeah, but my mum didn't believe it. She always acts really mature at home. She's such a Rani!

Girl 1: Did you see how she was looking at him?
Girl 2: I did, she totally likes him.
Girl 1: And she doesn't even know it herself!
Girl 2: Yeah! That's soo Rani!

Girl 1: Did you see how she mentally owned our maths teacher?
Girl 2: Yeah, I know. She know's more about golden numbers than he does.
Girl 1: He was so upset. I bet he fails her.
Girl 2: Yeah. She should stop being a Rani.

Girl 1: Guess who I saw today at the mall?
Girl 2: Who?
Girl 1: That bitch from 9th grade that everybody loves.
Girl 2: Oh wow, really
Girl 1: Yeah, she totally ignored me when I waved to her.
Girl 2: What a Rani...
by Public Enemy No. 1 August 25, 2010
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The coolest guy on earth.
His name origines from Egypt. He is so beautiful and have some abs.
Some rumours says that he has the biggest dick on eartg
I saw a Rani yesterday I was so shocked, he was so prettzy
by Somedy1234567898 February 3, 2018
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A beautiful Hebrew name that literally translates to " My Song "

Also can refer to "joy" and "song"

Unisex name, but is totally hot for a guy, especially if he plays music. One of the most edible names out there.

Rani brings sunshine on a cloudy day and is totally funny, smart and caring.
He's such a Rani, little sassy too
by pinktoolbox April 21, 2009
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