Secret Internet Troll. One who takes pictures of themselves in dimly lit rooms and posts to facebook to make them look more attractive.
Dang, I saw this chick on facebook, she looked good, but when we bumped into each other at Dave's party, she was a total SIT.
by victormacho July 17, 2011
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Self Indulgent Teenage Shit. Can be used for people between the ages of 12 and early 20s when they are indulging in self-pity, overcomplicating their lives, constantly making statements that people don't realise how special they are, or otherwise speaking or behaving in an selfish, egocentric way. It is a synonym of "Drama Queen", and is commonly associated with Goths, Emos, Punks, Princesses, Fatties, and people with mental health issues such as depression and eating disorders.
Teenager: "I'm feeling really emotional today. Everything keeps going wrong. I feel like everybody in the world is out to get me, and I can't do anything about it." This person has SITS and should be told to get a life and harden up.

Moping around and refuses to acknowledge anybody, or is rude for no reason = two more examples of SITS.

Teenager complaining about parents piss them off and limit their independence, while said teenager refusing to accept any responsibility for their actions and expects their parents to still give them everything they "need" (want) = classic example of SITS.
by AshleyWinston January 28, 2010
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Used as a phrase.

It means to sit somewhere and think about the idea you have or to shut up and think more about what you are going to say before you move on to what you're going to say.
Me: Hey Fonz can I get some..
Fonz: Sit on it Kami.
by Kamisama May 30, 2005
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A remark which is often used subsequent to a verbal or physical display of superiority.
"Sit, Brian."

"Sit on it, nerd."
by Don Waltermelon November 7, 2009
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1. What a teacher tells you to do when you excessively sharpen your pencil, blow your nose or go to the bathroom.

2. What you tell someone when they flip you off.
1. Kid: can I go to the bathroom real fast? I gotta take a leak!

Teacher: Sit on it and take the damn final!!

2. Guy 1: Take my girl huh? Right here ya fucker!

" Guy 1 flips off Guy 2 "

Guy 2: Ahh Sit On It!
by gk339 June 16, 2009
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i.e., Secret Internet Tramp, a phrase of frustration originating in and around internet dating sites, and rumored to have originated from multiple clusterfuck pre-dating experiences with Craigslist.

1. a pathetic married female surfing the internet and responding to personal ads so she can get some positive attention in her life, but, because she is married, has no intention of ever meeting;

2. a married tramp looking to have e-adultery (cybersex, audiocyber, webcamcyber or phone sex) while her hardworking schmo of a husband busts his ass so she can buy new lingerie;

3. a selfish internet bitch SITting on your time with no intention of ever allowing that time to be productive;

4. any otherwise undateable female responding to personal ads as if it's a game with the premeditated intent to tease, seduce and lie to the ad poster for as long as possible with the endgame being that she will never meet the poster;

5. a subgroup of SIF: a lonely, disgustingly obese fatty responding to personal ads to fill out her day.

Jimmy: I spent 6 days emailing this bitch, chatting her up, then she disappears - wtf?

Mike: You got sat on by a SIT!

Jimmy: I got what?

Mike: You got your time wasted by a Secret Internet Tramp who played with you but had no intention of meeting you.

Jimmy: I did get sat on by a SIT, the bitch.
by Sir Robert Miller October 19, 2008
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