Anything else that can get your heart going faster than normal.

Something daring, risky, sexual etc.
she sent me some pretty racey pictures online. it was awesome.
by Meesh February 19, 2005
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also known as racist but less likely to offend someone with a stick up their ass. Used when someone says something mildly racist but without the intentions to make someone cry, just laugh.
My cunt English teacher was super Racey yesterday and strategically directed her melt down towards the brown kids in class. She was later fired.
by People really say this June 11, 2018
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Purposely not eating all day so you are able to get drunk off of 1 beer
Cameron: Why is emily so drunk already
Taylor: oh she pulled a racey special
Aidan: yeah she hasn't eaten all day
Cameron: Oh i didn't either, I love the racey special
by Busch Light Virus February 14, 2020
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When you stick your middle finger up a girls butt, and brush ones teeth with the fecal matter. Yuk.
Ew, I love me some racey charles.
by Dan Mitts. December 31, 2007
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