Drinks that are had on a Thursday night to avoid the Friday bar rush, reserved specifically for the 'thinking man'.

Believed to have originated in mid-2011 in Chorlton, Manchester.
- Thinking man's Friday?
- Yeah, but only a few, work in the morning.
- Of course, we're thinking tonight.
by Chorlton_team October 25, 2011
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Black Man Thinking Time-

Time black men take to be in seclusion and sober. They take that time to plan for the future and develop strategies for success. Break down potential pitfalls and/or appreciate what a healthy prosperous lifestyle brings.
"Hey, I'm going to take my new boat and go fishing and to do some black man thinking."

"Since I started doing black man thinking time, I've calmed down in my approach to life and started planning for the future.
by Motorbation November 12, 2022
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I wrote that shit. Years before that shitty movie came out. That shit was stolen. Pathetic. You see how inferior to me these piece of shit hollywood writers are? You saw it! You were all here and saw me write that shit. What a fucking hack!
You know that "Bombshell" line from that shitty movie where he says "You're a cliche. You validate everyone the white man thinks about out you"? That's shit was stolen. So was the Joker's speech at the end of the movie. Stolen from a guy that talks about raping whores who fuck retards every day. You motherfuckers are that shit up like crumb cake didn't you? You dumb motherfuckers. Didn't publish the definition though. Why? Because doesn't matter is you love the shit. It's that I'm the one who's saying it. Dumb motherfuckers. I knew that shit was good when I wrote it. I am a goddamn genius. And all of you are idiots.
by Hym Iam December 19, 2020
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A hazing type position that a fraternity pledge may assume when they answer a question incorrectly. Also known as a "Think about it"

The position is summarized as such:

- Your head goes on the ground,

- You lift yourself up like a plank position,
- Then put your hands behind your back.
Pledgemaster: "Think about why you pissed me off"

Pledges: *Get into a thinking man, and hold it as long as possible*
by Gluc April 20, 2021
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