Having drinks, usually at somebody's house (Andhra Pradesh slang).
Raja: What are your plans for tonight?

Rani: We are doing a sitting at Kumar's place.
by Kumar Raja Rani June 03, 2008
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Anacronym: Sex In The Streets

Used to describe acts of sexual behaviour performed in the streets.
Friend: "Hey Joe, what did you do with that girl last night after we left Moore Park?"

Joe: "SITS...."
by Mookie S January 10, 2006
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acronym. stands for shit in the shower.
one who is such a low life scum piece of shit, that feels it necessary shit in the shower for a whopping total of 5 crisp american washingtons. amen
a dumbfuck who likes to shit in the shower AKA riley thompson
"one who sits"
by sir moses mcguff January 30, 2009
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Girl "what are you doing"

Boy "sitting"

Girl "define sitting"

Boy "standing up with your butt, duh"
by kkcutie123 January 12, 2011
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(adj.) To be stationary, not moving.

(n.) the event of sitting down to perform a task
a) That car has been sitting for a year, it won't work.

a) That food has been sitting for a while, it'll be dry.

b) He ate all that food in one sitting.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 08, 2004
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to hold for an extended period of time.
i'm going to up my prices on these shrooms and just sit on it, ill make my money in the long run.
by j-breez March 23, 2009
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