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Ghetto Delicacy's are delicious treats which are only enjoyable and found in impoverished (Ghetto) areas. They can be honey buns, corn nuts, hot Cheetos, Now and Later, Red Soda, or large pickles sold at local gas stations. Also, Ghetto Delicacy's can be particular neighborhood restaurants like Harold's Chicken in Chicago. Or Hillary's rib's in the north suburbs of Illinois.
I'm hungry I think I need to go to Harold's Chicken to enjoy some ghetto delicacy's.

Man, last night I had some hot cheetos I miss eating those ghetto delicacy's.
by uptwnxs June 15, 2010
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Ones place during a heated conversation, disagreement, or general communication. An individual doesn't necessarily having to be sitting down. Describes an individuals state at the time of communication
You ain't going to sit there and tell me you didn't lie on me.
Jessica gon' sit there and tell me she didn't steal that money from me.
Dude just gonna sit there an do nothing after he was hit.

I called the store regarding the wrong merchandise and the customer service representative I spoke to sat there and told me something dumb.
by uptwnxs April 18, 2017
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When somebody is being teased too much and a person who may or may not necessarily care for the person decides to stand up for the individual because the person being roasted is too quiet , or simply are beyond the point of defending themselves anymore because everyone's roasting them.
Example 1

Lebron sucks !

Ya'll need to leave that girl alone !

Example 2
Person 1 : Draya why you always coming to school busted ?
Person 2: Laughs

Person 3: She's poor
Lynette (The Defender) y'all need to leave that girl alone !
by uptwnxs June 14, 2017
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A thirsty aggressive person is one who is to eager to come up whether male or female. A thirsty aggressive person usually is straight to the point and makes the other person feel uncomfortable. They think they are bound to come up but don't realize that they are being perceived as thirsty and too aggressive.
Guy: Hey did tim come up off that girl he was talking too??

Guy 2: Naw man, she said he was thirsty aggressive and she wasn't feeling him.
by uptwnxs August 17, 2010
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Breath in excess smell of fecal matter, or feces.
Damn, that old lady breath stank she had dookey breath.

I'm going to go holla at that girl do I have dookey breath?
by uptwnxs May 17, 2010
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