A really scary guy in a mask who wants to give you artery clogging fat food, noted for his ability to pop up out of nowhere and shoving a burger down your throat if you dont accept the food willingly, then escaping on a mini-bike. see freddy krueger <-- his brother....

*the burger king appears*

Person: no... no! PLEASE!!*ack gasp*

King shoves a whopper down the man's throat and dissapears... the cops are baffled.
by YELLINGMAN January 18, 2007
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A place that pretty much follows McDonalds everywhere, For instance, if you go to a McDonalds, 20 dollars says that Burger King will be a block away
Hey look there's McDonalds, Oh, and Burger King. 2 miles later Hey look there's McDonalds again, Oh, and Burger King..again.
by Hannah pwns your face May 12, 2006
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To suddenly appear in someone's face when they aren't expecting it. Bein all creepy like the Burger King in the Burger King commercial.
I shit my pants in terror when you Burger Kinged me as I came out of the bathroom.
by Jorge Junior March 31, 2010
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Typically used in casual conversation in place of the phrase, "have it your way," as that is the slogan of the fast food resaraunt.
Man1:"Hey dude, can you give me five bucks?"
Man2:"No mate, I need that money for cigarettes."
Man1:"Awww come onnnnnn, gimmie the money!"
Man2:"FINE! Burger King, bitch. Now fuck off outta here."
by Kost Amojan September 19, 2010
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