From a 1970's TV show probably the coolest character ever, Fonzie has achieved much for mankind such as defying health and safety regulations by riding his bike into al's dinner, he also freed the squares. Fonzie is a true legend and his spirit shall always live on
Homer:Fonzie's Jacket!!!!!!
Bart:Whos Fonzie???
by Stutley November 28, 2003
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Example one: You are SO Fonzie!!!
Example two: That movie was SO not Fonzie!
by Frodo November 15, 2004
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Bunch of dutch friends who make 1337 movies. Also one of the best Dutch CS clans.
- "MOTHERFUCKER did u see that new Movie, but still not even close to that one by fonzie"

- Yo Jack, dude I got fonzie'd yesterday!
by Guere April 10, 2004
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The act of hitting a mechenical device that is unserviceable with the side of your fist, rendering it now fully serviceable.
Just when it seemed like it was never going to work, I fonzied it and it came back to life.
by drooby June 3, 2010
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A person who is considered a Ladies god. Anyone with this nickname is a beast at everything they do. Football, drifting, madden, etc. Fonzy is a man among boys.
by DanielThaiisawesome November 23, 2011
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When you handle a complex situation completely and with coolness.
Dude! There is no way it will work out. Don't worry man, everything is Fonzi, I handled it.
by Silent observer November 26, 2016
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