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may also refer to the legalese term for "I'm washing my hands of this and whatever happens, or doesn't, may manifest as a result of this is NOT OUR FAULT it's all your fault.
"dude they stole my car! right from the parking lot and they have all this security!"

"I know, but look at your parking voucher, it has the disclaimer so it's not their problem."
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When used in fanfiction, a sort-of legality placed at the beginning of each chapter. It states that the fandom doesn't belong to the author of the fanfic, and is often written in a sarcastic way, especially after several chapters.
1. Death Note belongs to Ohba-san and Obata-san. All OCs and this plot are mine. Canon plot and characters aren't.
2. Disclaimer: Death Note? Lemme check... no, still not mine.
by rHeineken November 07, 2008
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A warning issued on a nearly cashed bowl.
When smoking pot, if the bowl is almost cashed and you don't want to get blamed for passing the next person a cashed bowl, you can use the simple one-word phrase "disclaimer" as a warning to the next person that the bowl might be cashed. This is particularily useful when smoking with glass because there is no screen and thus the potential for the next person to suck through ash into their mouth Help from my friend Robb and Todd on making up and spreading the use of this word.
by Boat June 16, 2006
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and amazingly great band from New Jersey that you can check out at
Disclaimer is an amazing band live.
by Kelly November 23, 2003
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