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The feminine one in a lesbian relationship.You usual cant tell she is gay unless she wears some type of rainbow.She usual dates butchdykestud
Ben-Damn that girl lookin right.
Dave-Yea u right 2 bad she a fem.
Ben-Yea 2 bad
by EveryStudzWish1 December 19, 2004
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The feminine person in a relationship
Usually refers to lesbians (see dyke)
antonym-butch or dom
She thinks that fem is sexy.
by Niecee August 18, 2003
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The more feminane lesbian. Usually the girlier one in the relationship. Usually dating a dominant female that is either butch, stud, androgynous or some times even a drag king. Although some times fems do prefer other fems.
My friend Leidy prefers a fem chick even though she is fem herself. But I am fem and I prefer Androgynous women, studs, or Drag kings.
by Kinky Dyke October 31, 2006
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A gay male with feminine gestures and remarks.

See gay aiken or ryan seacrest
Dale: "OMFG I love that blouse Daisy where did you get it? Is that from Forever 21 cause it's gorgeous!"
Gary to John: "What a fem, total yes homo".

by trigger1007 August 26, 2008
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-Short for female
-used against guys if they're acting girly/feminine like
" Shut-up fem i don't wana hear it, go make some guy frends".

" He's such a fem! WHO says LIKE OMG TOTALLY except for girls??".

by Jenny Le February 24, 2008
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An insult to men; Feminine, gay, girly-man
Dude, quit being so fem and get onto that strip club!
by Devin M. September 20, 2006
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(n.) A man who displays feminine conduct; one who wears girl jeans and has a fauxhawk; one who backs down from an altercation.
Look at that dude! he's wearing abercrombie board shorts and a scarf, and it's 400 degrees outside! what a fem!
by dubslang July 20, 2009
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