Abbreviated from the word feminine, fem refers to a person on the LGBT spectrum who demonstrates behaviors that are stereotypically associated with women. Most often, these behaviors are exaggerated in an effort to fetishize femininity. For instance, a fem gay man might wear makeup or use animated hand gestures. A fem lesbian might make a point to wear dresses or carry a purse.

The use of the fem label may be used within the gay community to insult one's manhood or lack of masculinity.

Antonym (opposite) of the word masc
"Honey, those nails are on point, the face is beat, and the hair is snatched. Fem queen is stunting tonight."

"No fats, no fems, no asians" (derogatory usage)
"So you're lesbians, right? Which one is the fem and which is the guy?" (unintentionally derogatory usage)
by BlackDiamondMint January 1, 2019
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The feminine one in a lesbian relationship.You usual cant tell she is gay unless she wears some type of rainbow.She usual dates butchdykestud
Ben-Damn that girl lookin right.
Dave-Yea u right 2 bad she a fem.
Ben-Yea 2 bad
by EveryStudzWish1 December 20, 2004
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The more feminane lesbian. Usually the girlier one in the relationship. Usually dating a dominant female that is either butch, stud, androgynous or some times even a drag king. Although some times fems do prefer other fems.
My friend Leidy prefers a fem chick even though she is fem herself. But I am fem and I prefer Androgynous women, studs, or Drag kings.
by Kinky Dyke October 31, 2006
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The feminine person in a relationship
Usually refers to lesbians (see dyke)
antonym-butch or dom
She thinks that fem is sexy.
by Niecee August 18, 2003
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-Short for female
-used against guys if they're acting girly/feminine like
" Shut-up fem i don't wana hear it, go make some guy frends".

" He's such a fem! WHO says LIKE OMG TOTALLY except for girls??".

by Jenny Le February 24, 2008
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A gay male with feminine gestures and remarks.

See gay aiken or ryan seacrest
Dale: "OMFG I love that blouse Daisy where did you get it? Is that from Forever 21 cause it's gorgeous!"
Gary to John: "What a fem, total yes homo".

by trigger1007 August 27, 2008
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An insult to men; Feminine, gay, girly-man
Dude, quit being so fem and get onto that strip club!
by Devin M. September 21, 2006
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