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A funny sound made by raptors in the not so hit film jurrasic park 3, also made by aliens in signs and many other horrible films. Can be used as a verb, adjective, or whatever you feel like. Over time this phrase has become a cult phrase, people saying it because they feel like it. It can be expressed with anger, boredom, excitement, e.t.c. Started in the small town of Lafayete CA now spreading all over the place. To use the word you must use all examples listed below and make up your own.

1."Hey, Matt hows it going?" Said Andy.
(Boredom, and displeasure) "Reeeeeh (long and high pitched)"
2. (Instead of the phrase, Whats up) "Reh". "Reh"
3.(hilarious interjection) " Anyways I went to the movie with Amy and...." (Andy) "REEEEEEEEH" (Matt)
4.(replacing annoying things with reh) Dude my girlfriend (amy) Ramy is angry. Yah Reather (Heather) is angry to.
by Matt Erl... July 02, 2006
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The 'reh' response. Probably one of the best come backs of all time. No matter what someone says you can just say 'REH'.
What I actually like George Bush?


Someone: Mate your a douchebag

Me: reh

Someone: aw shit..
by owned69er May 29, 2010
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to search for love exclusively on the internet.
he was desperate so he started dating a 50 year old women from a chat community. Reh.
by dfdfr October 05, 2007
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You say this while pointing at someone after they have said something stupid or done something stupid. It is also often said multiple times.
Bill:I just hit myself in the head
Bob: Reh Reh Reh
by billybobninny April 04, 2011
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Pronounced: Reh. An interjection used to commonly express anguish or aggravation, however it can also be used as a noun, a verb, or even an adjective. The word derives from "Rehhhh", most commonly known for being a raptor call. Reh must always be capitalized, for it is the focal point of any sentence.
Example 1 "Hey bro, whats up?" "Reeeeehhhh" "Oh I gotcha, that happened to me last week too"

Example 2 (commonly used for naming someone, you take the first letter of their name and put Reh on the end of it, this is the only case in which it can be a lower case Reh) Kristen + Reh = Kreh, or Kreh Kreh if you're cool.

Example 3 (basically whatever the fuck you want it to be)
by Comediclaughterje September 25, 2010
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A word used to express disgust at something or someone.

"Did you see how ugly her bag is?. Reh"
"Have you seen his reh haircut?"
"Oh, reh, I have so much homework to do"
by leahtard April 30, 2007
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The state or purpose in being in complete harmony with the spirit, essence, and wholeness of reh itself.
You must know reh to understand the power of reh.
by Nimpercent June 13, 2004
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