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The epitome of a very easy job with a decent salary. See Vanna White.
Jessie: "Dude, did you hear about Larry's new job? He gets paid to supervise a robot that does all the work. What a sinecure. Oh and Mindy? She just got hired to work as a paralegal at Horithups & Wellesley, where all she has to do is run spell-checks on the lawyer's documents."

Adam: "WTF? Where do you sign up for these gigs? It seems all the jobs I get are McJobs where I work my ass off for minimum wage. Geez... what has this world come to?"
by Adel7 September 05, 2007
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1. an office/position that pays a salary for doing shit
Senior executives at my company get promoted to sinecure.
by __ January 18, 2005
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An office or position that requires little or no work but provides the holder an income, or other benefit, or high prestige/influence.
Former Goldman Sachs executive and B-movie producer Stephen Bannon‘s sharp elbows during his time in Washington have virtually ruined Bannon’s chances of landing a sinecure think tank position
by Toxmarz August 25, 2017
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