Vanna White is a term used to refer to some real good, real pure cocaine that once sniffed makes you feel like your spinning on the wheel and it gets you so smashed that people are puzzled by your words.
Mark: What was up with "Neal" last night?

Damion: I don't know son he be messin with that Vanna White.
by DeeWah February 2, 2010
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when a male ejaculates in his hand and slaps his bitch in the face, in which semen is spread about her mug.
diane wouldn't do a threesome with her sister and me so I reminded her about who pays the bills by introducing her to vanna white
by dr smackyomom June 10, 2009
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The task of standing up and manually changing the channel on the television control panel to find something entertaining to watch while your friends and family sit there and force you to keep changing the channels.
I stood up to get some pizza, but instead, I got stuck with the Vanna White Job.
by Lon December 4, 2005
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When a guy blows his load in a girl and she squats over him and queefs it back onto his stomach. Popular with women seeking retaliation for a Dutch Oven or an Angry Dragon.
"Man, my stomach is still sticky after Sara gave me a Hot Vanna White."
by breaux19 April 10, 2008
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