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A being of great unintelligence, always there to ruin your plans.
You simpletons get off my lawn mower!
by Didda Tinkle May 24, 2004
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A person who is felt to be deficient in judgment, good sense, or intelligence; a fool.
Go to school, you freewheeling simpleton!
by Jaeba April 17, 2003
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noun: A person who lacks the capacity to think beyond simple thoughts, and masks his ignorance by reciting information he heard on CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer. Often times, a simpleton will call another person a simpleton for no apparent reason other than to call that person a simpleton.

Synonym: Jose Lopez
Person A: "I don't think the iWatch will be a guaranteed best seller."
Person B: "You're such a simpleton."
by Splusm March 01, 2015
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Picked up from a black and white movie,another term for a fool.Dub for a person that is known to or is about to do a stupid thing generally used sarcastically.
"Yeah, thats a really smart thing to do you f***ing Simpleton."
by Makne February 20, 2005
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someone who drives Chevys, drinks Budweiser, listens to Nickelback, votes Republican, and basically does absolutely NO thinking on their own, at all, just does/thinks/believes what advertising/media tells them.
My sister just got her third Dachsund and of course named it a people name: Charles; total lame yuppie-wannabe. And then Carl just bought a pickup truck, and of course it's a Chevy, his fourth one, cause he's an "All American", like the commercials tell him. He also had Nickelback blasting when he pulled up in it, and had a case of shitty Budweiser beer in the truck. God, my sister and my friend are both such a couple of simpletons.
by aquajerk/surly December 22, 2011
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