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Abbreviation for the letter W. usually taken as a win.
by Haycatthy February 26, 2017
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It means like you're whack or something is whack.

Shit dry, lame, corny, etc.
Yo nigga you a dub.

that's a dub!

This party is a dub!
by Jmilli May 28, 2012
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(V) To talk to some one heavy one day and then completely ignore them the next making them question their existence.
Person 1: Wow, I thought me and him fucked with each other heavy but he's been dubbing me
Person 2: I told you he's a player, girl
by Carl Garret Ass Nigga January 31, 2015
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To blow off or ignore someone or something.
(Usually someone who is hitting on you)
"Yo did Felicia hit you up last night?"
"Yeah, but i totally dubbed her!"
by science0fhumor May 14, 2015
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1. Abbreviaton for the letter W
2. Twenty dollars
3. Twenty dollars worth of anything, especially narcotics
4. Twenty-inch rims
5. The art of making a remix, especially a reggae song, in which the lyrics are all or partially removed and the focus is placed on the drum track and the bass
6. Generally incorrectly used as a name for any remix to any song
1. I drive a V. dub
2. That CD player is like two dubs
3. Lemme get a dub, I gotta get high
4. I got my Escalade rollin on dubs'
5. Lee "Scratch" Perry is the master of the traditional reggae dub, especially his work with Sir Robert Nesta Marley
6. Jay-Z calls it a dub but it's really just a remix
by anon. July 18, 2003
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noun- twenty inch rims and only twenty inch rims for anything larger see twankie dueces, dub dueces, or duece dueces. smaller see dub minus dueces
why would you put dubs on a mustang?
by Dr. Victor M December 17, 2002
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A shorthand term commonly used for the NBA franchise the Golden State Warriors. The name originated in the late 1990's and progressively became more popular as the fan base grew and became younger. It was originally coined due to the "W" in Warriors being pronounced as dub-a-you and it was shortened to simply dub for easier pronunciation.
Did you guys see the Dubs game last night?
The Dubs are looking good so far!
by biggi86 January 19, 2009
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