A soul eating, brain washing, and money sucking trick that will hypnotise you into watching it for hours at a time and provides some of the best shows ever. but they only post on Fridays
doof a: I love Disney plus
*2 weeks later*
doof a: have you seen the mandalorian?
me: I don't really like Star Wars but I've been meaning to watch it.
doof a:wait, I thought you had Disney plus?
me: I do.
doof a: well what do you watch???
me: high school musical the musical the series!!!
doof a:ok. *blocks on everything*
by hsmthemusicaltheseriesfan January 9, 2020
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Its a channel that yeets Netflix and hulu and all that other stuff of the score bored
Disney plus is nvm....Look it up,on google if you still dont no what it means
by U mama December 2, 2019
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Basically a not so needed alternative for Netflix And Chill( Having the fricking while watching Netflix )
by Xenon! November 13, 2019
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A play on words that branched off of the common slang of "Netflix and chill" which refers to watching Netflix and having sex with your partner. This piece of slang follows the same definition of "Netflix and chill" but is not at all used the same. You would not tell your mother this as a description of your night with your girlfriend.
Girlfriend: You want to hang out tonight at my place? My parents aren't home...
Boyfriend: Yeah and while I'm there how about you Disney Plus This Dick!
Girlfriend: Eh wtf... Why do you have to say it like that, I'll see you tonight.
by NollyPolly March 13, 2021
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Used in a joking manner from boyfriend to girlfriend when referring to sex. Comes from the term "Netflix and Chill."
Girlfriend: You want to come over tonight? My parents aren't home...
Boyfriend: Yeah and while we at it you can Disney Plus This Dick!
by NollyPolly March 15, 2021
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Boy: yo wanna Disney Plus n' Pump later

Lady: mmm yes then we can Hulu n hot tub
by ikutsuka November 18, 2019
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When your watching Disney Plus and you have a girl over that you're gonna have sexual relations with

Aka busting a nut while watching Disney Plus
Guy 1: Bro guess what I did last night.

Guy 2:What did you do?

Guy 1: I Disney Plus 'n Busted all over this girls face.

Guy 2: Bro... I didn't need to know that...
by King Kairon February 20, 2020
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