Cockney Racial slur. Short for "silvery moon", rhymes with coon.
That damn silvery stole my hubcaps
by playa hater February 24, 2004
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having the appearence of silver
by the light of the silvery moon...
by Dunky Oggins October 28, 2003
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a person that loses their bottle at the last moment
Oi dunky oggins you lost yoer bo(glotteral stop)all
by theWestHamfan October 30, 2003
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Non-grey: hair that is beautiful bright neon fluorescent white.
When your red headed co-worker says "Girl you got grey hairs". You can say naw trick I got silvery-white hair.
by JENN.ORG February 23, 2010
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a fancy way of saying goon. cheap cask wine. it was been released from contrictions of its classy cardboard box and roams freely
bazz: hey Gazz, want a beer?
Gazz: no need mate, i will simply suckle from my silvery bag of goodness to my hearts content.
Bazz: i wish i'd thought of that, makes a nice hat too.
by Anje October 14, 2003
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verb - meaning futuristic. Coming from the future, prediction of how many shinny things there will be in the future. Usually accompanied by rubbing your index and middle fingers with your thumbs simultaneously and whispering the word "quality".
How 'bout we dress everyone up in "silvery deals" for the float theme of Future of Construction.

Look at the new F150 trucks with all the silvery deals.

Mmmmmm...silvery deals.
by Duffy April 21, 2005
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A silvery purse is a sex act most often performed on Women or effeminate men, however, a man can perform it upon anyone. This sex act begins with the male using a razor blade to split the webbing between the toes of the recipient. Once split and opened the gaping wound is then penetrated by the males penis. Upon completion the male then sucks out his seed from the bloody wound thus emptying the silvery purse.
Dan: "Craig, if that woman doesn't shut up i'll be giving her a Silvery Purse!"

Craig: "A Silvery Purse will sort her out! Good idea mate"
by goldenbob1 April 02, 2016
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