6 definitions by Anje

the feeling apparently similar to an orgasm when you sneeze 8 or more times in succession.
by Anje October 14, 2003
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a fancy way of saying goon. cheap cask wine. it was been released from contrictions of its classy cardboard box and roams freely
bazz: hey Gazz, want a beer?
Gazz: no need mate, i will simply suckle from my silvery bag of goodness to my hearts content.
Bazz: i wish i'd thought of that, makes a nice hat too.
by Anje October 14, 2003
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the area in which the bogan usually resides. The bogan congregates in groups usually around utes and near the pub. Passers by may be abused by bogans, this abuse having no effect because of its pure mindlessness. When at their most aggravated they hurl empty beer cans at passers by. usually they r too slack to do anything.
cindy: hey lets go down the pub for a change.
Many: no way that is utter boganville.
by Anje October 14, 2003
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The act of squishing one's balls against a glass surface
like a car windscreen or a sliding door
look Dwayne has passed out in his car, lets give him the frog's uncle.
by Anje September 22, 2005
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