A car that paint refuses to stick to for more than two years.
Dream on Tom Murphy. That car is a joke.
by Hondaman January 11, 2004
A compact front wheel drive vehicle that was meant for low income families. Or for low intelligence citizens to "race" about thinking they have purchased the car equvilent of Jesus Christ. Featuring a 2.0L engine the vehicle is great for carrying groceries or for....well thats really it a 2.0L engine can't do much more even when it is "supercharged" in SRT4 form. The upside is it is absolutely amazing vagina repellant for the modern on the go closeted homosexual. Walking is faster and cooler than riding in this car.
"Dude I had to quick spin my mustang away from a neon trying to race me before it lowered my cars resale value" "Oh God a neon pulled up beside me at the lights"
by Carman Mustallenger July 3, 2011
the tubelights used to make da signs or advertising.
Usually used to highlight the advertising.
Hey see u at da wimpy's neon, and let's got to movie from there.

Don't park it right below da neon, u'll get fined.

by Pushkar Bendre October 28, 2005
cheap car that almost always has paint missing on one place or another
i wish i never bought this POS neon.
by skary September 8, 2003
in ACR form,
(1)a great domestic compact car whose rapidly disappearing taillights are most typically seen through the windshields of Honda Civics, Chevy Cavaliers, and other assorted shitboxes.
(2) a car whose cost-effective method for outhandling a 3-series BMW involves a simple turn of a knob on each of the struts, rather than the $1200 or more needed for a cheap-ass Civic to do the same.
(3)often seen lifting an inside rear wheel around every corner it approaches, including parking spaces, post office mail drops, and autocross cones.
I watched from the rearview mirror of my Neon ACR as a Mustang spun out while trying to follow me around a right turn at 40 mph.
by Tom Murphy January 2, 2004
Street automobile "art" form that showed up in the early 90's. Mostly to showcase a car that cannot get out of it's own way.
Hey Scooter, How much faster does that neon make your car?
by mj_oblio February 29, 2004