Well, it means guess what "Sick and Nasty". that's right, genius. All wrapped up into one.
SICKNASTY *tweaks*. Or: that girl is SICKNASTY, yo *tweaks*.
by Dr. SATAN August 24, 2004
1} something really sick and nasty but cool at the sametime.

2} a great word to use when you can't think of anything else for cool. =
after making cookies that looked gross but tasted good she said they were sicknasty man!!! <3
by bobcat a&e August 24, 2006
1) Something that is sick and nasty in a good way
2)Something that is sick and nasty in a sick and nasty way.
Animal genitalia is sicknasty (in a bad way)

You mom is sicknasty hot (in a good way)
by C-Dee owe double gee September 10, 2006
when something really tite happens you use sicknasty
"omg brandon got laid, and him and sabrina videotaped it. ugh her ussy is funky and is shitty as hell. uhh nasty. but dieter totally got caught in her office watching it...doode that shit was sicknasty"
by reneeassunta February 7, 2008
something thats oober cool in a weird way, or just oober cool!
That movie I watched last night was pretty sicknasty.
by Ashness G May 13, 2007
When something is nice but u can’t just describe it as sick or nasty
Brooks: “Did u see that catch?”
Billy: “Ya. That was absolutely sicknasty.”
by BillyMitch25 January 14, 2021
literally bottom frags in every game

has 1x in his twitch name
making him a fortnite player

a disappointment
Imma pull a "SickNasty"
by KilluaTOPFRAGS July 15, 2020