A combination of something being Sick (really dope) and Nasty (really stylie). Used in the Ski and Snowboard community to describe something someone did that was mind blowing.
Damn, You see Warner huck that cliff, that was soooo sicknasty!
by Warnstteze October 11, 2010
Another and better word to say how cool, hawt, and awesome something is and will always be better than the word 'cool'
Megan: Did you see that Yeti? It was like, uber sicknasti!

Renee: I know!!!!
by ClickedOut4eva May 1, 2006
Something that is awesome!!!
That djkp mixtape is SickNasty NinjaFresh
by Livlif May 13, 2019
Cuz the word cool is mega gay now. DONT BE GAY OK OR CALIFORNIAN.
by pseudonympspseudonyseudonympse February 12, 2020