So unbelievably awesome it can't be described. The phrase sicknasty is best used in the same sentence the words son and bro.
Oh, man that was sicknasty
by rockstar4 July 12, 2010
the BEST! something that is better than everything else :
Joseph Phillip Page or Joey Page is sicknastyyy :
by Chelsee x3 January 12, 2008
Used to describe something beyond cool. Made popular with the young teens by Disney star Joey Page.
"Dude that ride was so sicknasty"
by Lindsey Connor December 30, 2008
Something thats Super Sick in a good way.Like Joey Page.
Something beyond Great.
All out spectacular.

Alexis: Man did you hear?
Man: Hear what?
Alexis: About Mr. Sicknasty Joey Page.
Man: No, what about him?
Alexis: Hes #1 on the charts..thats to SICKNASTY.
by AhhLexIs January 28, 2008
means awsome or mind blowing

mostly used in biddoford maine by dave robbie
That car is sicknasty!
by Dave Robbie October 17, 2006
sick nasty. noun ; slang word used by people who are wayy hardcore, having nothing better to do with their lives then yell at wangsters, spend minutes just listening to stacy's mom in PacSun.
emotot 1: "Dudeeeee. That band shirt is SICKNASTYYY"
emotot 2: "Fer sher. Lets go get moolattes, mkk?"
emotot 1: " ROFLCOPTER! "
by neecolaaa baconnn December 27, 2007